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The first icon community for the US version of Shameless

About The Community
Welcome to shameless_icon, the first icon community for the US version of the tv show Shameless on Showtime
● Be nice, flaming is not allowed.
● Credit when asked and don't claim what you don't own as yours.
● Max 3 teasers please. Any more than 3 icons need to be placed under a lj-cut.
● Please place spoiler-ish icons behind a cut - or mention that there are spoilers in the post.
● Please make your posts clear. Avoid netspeak, it makes things difficult to read.
● Please place NSFW icons under a lj-cut.
● Do not disable comments on your posts.
● Use tags accordingly.
● If you wish to advertise another community on here, you must obtain mod permission first. Leave a comment on the Contact-A-Mod post and I'll get back to you ASAP. Any advertisments posted without prior permission will be deleted.
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